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Our education, training and research consultancy was established in Western Australia in 2002. Originally based in the Perth metropolitan area, the business has now relocated to the Great Southern in Denmark. Read more.....

What we offer
Whilst we no longer run public training courses at our venues, we can facilitate one-to-one, one-to-small group or one-to-large group training at venues of your choice. Since we are not paying for room hire or catering, we can keep our course and workshop fees to an absolute minimum, and ...... we can customise the training to your requirements.

So, both individuals and organisations can take advantage of our extensive range of courses and workshops to meet their own needs.


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Latest Course and Workshop News

You're tech savvy - but are you safe ?

Most owners of iPhones, iPads, laptops, Desktop PCs, Samsung Galaxy phones, etc. know how to operate them with all their multi-functional capabilities. But there is more to social media technologies than their operation because you are interacting with other people. Technically, you could send that message, post that picture, or tweet that comment - but should you ? This is the less discussed aspect of social media - the moral and ethical context in which your technical transactions happen.

Our new workshop Safe Social Media takes you through the recommended precautions to keep you safe and the expectations of the community about appropriate behaviour whilst using social media.

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Go on - take a risk !

Have you heard about risk management but are not sure what’s involved ? Do you know how to identify risks in your workplace or business ?

We offer a half-day workshop called Risky Business ©  to explain the basic principles and processes behind risk management and what you can do after the workshop to minimise  the risks to your organisation.
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Serving up excellent customer service

Pathways Education and Training Solutions offers a  customer service skills training workshop.

Serve Them Right ©  features a one-day expose of why your customers and clients feel like they do - and what you can do about it.

Following good customer service practice, this workshop promises modestly but attempts to deliver much more !      

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Need more skills to help your staff ? Then Get In Training © with us. 

This one-day course outlines the key principles of workplace training and is aimed at employees without previous training or lecturing experience.

The course emphasises a competency-based approach to training in line with the National Training Agenda.

Participants should be able to use these key principles to apply the competencies and elements covered in the course once they are back in the workplace.

The three themes covered – preparation, delivery, and evaluation – are equally applicable with large and small scale training projects as well as one-to-one training.

This non-accredited course would be a useful preparation for those planning to undertake the nationally accredited Certificate IV in Training and  Assessment  but is not intended to be a substitute for that certificate.

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2018 Course and Workshop Highlights

Time to project yourself ......

Our latest workshop - Project Yourself - gives you the skills and information to successfully design, manage, and complete a project in the workplace, whether large or small.

An obvious question which should be asked by administrators and managers about every project they are involved in is “Why are we doing this ?”. Perhaps surprisingly many ‘exciting’ projects get under way without this question being asked or answered.

Any project (but especially the more expensive ones !) should be preceded by valid research as to need, and by cost and feasibility studies. More importantly, the findings of these should determine whether the project proceeds or not.

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All Change  ©

This one-day course provides the knowledge and skills to help  understand, adapt to, and benefit from organisational and technological change in the workplace and in the community at large.

The course would be useful for both employees trying to cope with change and middle managers tasked with implementing change.

Whilst implementing and adapting to change is not easy, there are some common characteristics of successful change programs.

Course topics include why things change, why we have to change, why change fails, and how change should be implemented.

Participants are shown how to prepare and equip themselves for change by compiling a Change Survival Kit.

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All in Good Time ©

A half-day workshop about managing your time, whether in the workplace, in your business, or in your personal life. This workshop aims at showing you how you can maximise the use of your limited time without expensive hardware or software.

You probably have the required skills already but are yet to apply them effectively to make a difference to your day.

This workshop is a must for anyone having to meet deadlines, make decisions between competing tasks, balance demands from your boss and your clients, or squeeze a little more from the working day.

Most of the material covered is generic and can apply in office, retail or service environments.

Topics covered include myths about time management, prioritising a schedule of tasks, faster emptying of your pending tray, and creating time and space for yourself during the working day.

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