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A middle management skills workshop

Workshop Content

By the end of the workshop, participants should be able to :

 (Module 1)
Understand the role of the  middle manager especially in relation to senior management and the employees being supervised.
Understand the political nature  of management within medium  to large organisations.
Understand the importance of managing within the policy framework of an organisation.
Know how to effectively manage and lead a team.
Understand and apply the principles of the Fish! Philosophy.            
Understand and apply the principles of Ethical Leadership.
Understand the importance of information flows in an organisation.
Know how to manage leave issues.
Understand and be able to apply the principles of performance management.
Know how to manage recruitment and promotion within a branch or section of an organisation.
Know how to manage sub-standard employee work performance.
Identify and appropriately deal with bullying and harassment in the workplace.
Understand the concept of out- placement.
Know how to initiate and manage change in a branch or section of an organisation.
Know how to identify employee training needs and meet them.
Learn how to establish positive working relationships with sub- ordinates, peers, and  supervisors.

 (Module 2)
Be familiar with basic financial management principles and how to effectively apply them on a day-to-day basis.
Know how to identify available limited resources and to apply them in a prioritised and efficient manner.
Be aware of the key principles of  project management.
Have some knowledge of Risk Assessment and Risk Management principles.
Be aware of the main pieces of State and Commonwealth legislation which have relevance to employment and workplaces, and, of a manager’s responsibilities with regard to these laws.

A two-module, two-day workshop aimed at staff required to act in management roles at short notice and also staff intending to apply for permanent or contract middle management positions. This workshop is a must for staff new to middle management whether in public or private sector organisations. It will also greatly assist those seeking a career change to middle management.                              

Topics covered in Module 1 include the expected role of a middle manager, politics and policy in management, effective management and leadership of a team, management of performance and sub-standard performance, and managing change. Module 2 covers  basic financial management principles, project management, risk assessment and management, and legal issues.


No previous knowledge of middle management skills is required for the workshop although some experience in management roles (full-time, part-time, or casual) would be useful.

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