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Writing job applications and preparing for interviews based on targeted selection criteria

Program and Content

Part 1  –  Writing to Selection Criteria       

The principles of targeted selection and comparisons with other methods
Identification of generic and specific criteria
Drafting written responses to selection criteria using the STAR Approach
Option of computer word processing of draft responses using MS Word software (BYO laptop)
Preparation of Statements Addressing Selection Criteria
Writing a targeted Personal Resume/ Curriculum Vitae 

Part 2  –  Assertive Interviewee Skills

A comparison of Non-Targeted and Targeted  Interviews
About the Interview Panel (role, membership, objectives)
About the Interviewee (victims, con-artists, stumblers, and arguers, and, the successful applicant
Targeted responses to questioning
Other assessment tools now used by selection panels in addition to interviews
Completion of role plays in interview situations

Pathways Education and Training Solutions offers a one-day practical skills workshop aimed at intending applicants for employment with public sector agencies and larger private sector companies. The workshop would also be useful for existing employees seeking promotional positions within these organisations. Apply Yourself is facilitated by an experienced targeted selection chairperson, panel member, and interviewee. 


No previous knowledge of targeted selection principles is required for Part 1 of the workshop which can be taken as a separate module. However, whilst Part 2 can also be taken as a separate module, completion of Part 1 of the workshop or an equivalent is recommended for attendance at Part 2 since the material and activities assume some background knowledge of targeted selection principles.

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