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Be confident and clear in your work and personal relationships

Workshop Content

By the end of the workshop, participants should know how to :

Prepare beforehand for meetings, interviews, and public duties.                  
Look like they mean business in meetings and interviews.
Proactively approach new work colleagues, visitors, meeting participants, or interview panel members.
Facilitate easy communication with work colleagues, meeting participants, or interview 
panel members.             
Explain, make verbal contributions, and answer questions precisely and briefly, staying focused.
Use assertive language in conversations with work colleagues, in meetings, and at interviews.
Exhibit confidence without being overbearing.
Speak clearly and at moderate pace.
Maintain eye contact with the person or persons being spoken to.
Apply effective listening skills.
Select appropriate speech and language. 
Practise co-operation not confrontation.
Use appropriate body language.
Use people-focused problem-solving techniques.
Assess and appropriately deal with harassment by a work colleague(s).

Pathways Education and Training Solutions offers a one-day practical skills workshop aimed at people already in or about to enter the workforce, whether public or private sector. This workshop covers both the theory and practice of assertive behaviour. The workshop clearly distinguishes between assertive and aggressive behaviour. The emphasis is on assertiveness in workplace settings and positive interaction with others including one-to-one relationships with work colleagues, and participation in meetings,
interviews, and public forums.

Assert Yourself is facilitated by a qualified teacher and trainer with experience in both government and private organisations. 


No previous knowledge of assertive skills is required for the workshop although some experience in the workforce (full-time, part-time, or casual) would be useful.

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