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Be Selective ©

Selection Panel training to help your organisation make the right staffing decisions        

Workshop Content

By the end of this workshop, participants should :

Understand and be prepared to implement and adhere to Public Sector requirements and guidelines in relation to the recruitment, selection, and appointment of staff.
Be aware of recent developments in the on-line advertising of, selection for, and appointment to public sector positions including RAMS and CMS.
Understand the principles of targeted selection and how it compares with other methods.
Understand the meaning of and be able to apply merit selection principles.
Know how to draft Selection Criteria and Statements of Duties.
Know the steps which comprise the advertising and filling of vacant positions.
Be familiar with the composition of Selection Panels.
Know how to assess written applications.
Know how to conduct interviews.
Be aware of other in-person assessment options for Selection Panels besides interviews.
Be able to verify the claims of applicants.
Have reviewed and considered some other issues facing Selection Panels including the importance of documenting the process, possible conflicts of interest, and the risk of bias.
Have been involved in role-plays which offer participants experience in interview techniques.

Pathways Education and Training Solutions offers a two-day skills workshop aimed at intending members of selection panels in medium to large organisations whether public sector agencies or private sector companies.                                  

Day One features information about current practices and standards in selection panel work reinforced with activities and exercises for participants. The workshop commences with a detailed look at the particular obligations of public sector agencies when recruiting, selecting, and appointing staff.                

Day 2 consists of practical workshop sessions including role plays concerned with the various aspects of selection panel work.                                                              

Day One can be done separately. The prerequisite for Day Two is completion of Day One or an equivalent.                          

The workshop would also be useful for experienced selection panel members looking to update and refresh their skills in Targeted Selection. Whilst the theoretical basis of Targeted Selection is covered, the workshop focuses primarily on the practical skills and knowledge required for successfully undertaking Selection Panel duties.           

Be Selective © is facilitated by an experienced Targeted Selection trainer, chairperson and panel member.

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