Pathways Education and Training Solutions
Pathways Education and Training Solutions

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Introducing the fundamentals of training to your workplace

Workshop Content

By the end of the workshop, participants should be able to :


Identify and describe training needs. 
State the expected learning outcomes in competency-based training terms.          
Identify the prior knowledge of skills/knowledge of learners by gathering evidence.   
Select forms of training best suited to learners.
Understand the needs of an Adult Learner including :                                                              
a.  What things make it easier to learn something new and remember it?
b.  What things make it harder to learn and remember ?
c.  What kind of person makes a good/effective trainer ?


Understand the principles of adult learning.
Draft a simple training session plan.
Conduct a short training session.


Understand the principles of evaluation.
Know when to evaluate.  
Know what to evaluate.
Know how to evaluate a training session.
Be aware of the types of evaluation data that can be collected.
Design a simple evaluation tool using appropriate questions to elicit required data.


Understand the importance of following-up and reinforcing training once provided.
Understand the roles of training mentors.
Understand the responsibilities training mentors are required to accept.
Be aware of the typical characteristics of successful mentors.

This workshop outlines the key principles of workplace training and is aimed at employees without previous training or lecturing experience. The workshop emphasises a competency-based approach to training in line with the National Training Agenda. The overall aim is that participants understand these key principles and use this understanding to apply the learning outcomes during this workshop or back in the workplace. The four themes covered – preparation, delivery, evaluation, and follow-up using mentors – are equally applicable with both large and small scale training projects. This non-accredited workshop would be a useful preparation for those planning to undertake the nationally-accredited Certificate IV in Workplace Assessment and Training but is not intended to be a substitute for that certificate.