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Pathways Education and Training Solutions
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A workshop about managing your time, whether in the workplace, in your business, or, in your personal life.

Topics covered include myths about time management, prioritising a schedule of tasks, faster emptying of your pending tray, and creating time and space for yourself during the working day.

Workshop Content

By the end of the workshop, participants will have covered the following :

Can we really manage time ?
What is clock time ?
What is meant by real time ?
Auditing how we manage our time.
Who or what are our time wasters ?
It’s urgent but is it important ?
Time enhancers
Prioritising your workload
Contingency planning
An assertive approach
Using to do lists and time categories
Macro tips for better time management
The Effective Time Management Toolbox

This workshop aims at showing you how you can maximise the use of your limited time without expensive hardware or software. You probably have the required skills already but are yet to apply them effectively to make a difference to your day. 

This workshop is a must for anyone having to meet deadlines, make decisions between competing tasks, balance demands from your boss and your clients, or squeeze a little more from the working day. Most of the material covered is generic and can apply in office, retail or service environments.


No previous knowledge of time management is required for the workshop although some experience in the workforce (full-time, part-time, or casual) would be useful.