Pathways Education and Training Solutions
Pathways Education and Training Solutions
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Helping you make the right work-related decisions for yourself  and your public sector employer.

Please Note:
Only available to employees of Western Australian Government departments and agencies.

Workshop Content

Personal Behaviour

The personal responsibility of all public sector employees to act ethically and with integrity in the public interest.
Public Sector policies - in particular, those that deal with interpersonal relationships and the safeguarding of public property.
The standards of personal behaviour which the community expects of its public sector employees.
Personal behaviours towards colleagues which are unacceptable in workplaces.

Communication and Official Information

Understand the difference between public and confidential information.

Fraud and Corruption

The PSC Code of Ethics, especially as it relates to fraud and corruption.
Treasurer’s Instructions that specifically relate to fraud and corruption.
Some typical situations which might constitute fraudulent or corrupt behaviour.

Use of Public Resources

State Government policy on the correct use of public resources.
The need to properly, efficiently and diligently use publicly funded resources.

Record Keeping

The need to record actions and decisions ensuring transparency.
The need to ensure the secure storage of sensitive or confidential information.
The need to comply with the State Records Act 2000
The sharing of information where permissible thereby encouraging efficiency and creativity.

Conflicts of Interest

How to identify actual or potential conflicts of interest.
How to properly manage conflicts of interest.

Reporting Misconduct

How to report misconduct.
The Public Interest Disclosure Act.


About the workshop

Pathways Education and Training Solutions offers a practical skills workshop aimed at members of the public sector workforce. This workshop provides the knowledge and skills to help them understand their obligations to the State Government and the community at large with regard to ethical and accountable behaviour.                       

Since 2008, the WA Public Sector Commissioner has continually reminded departments and agencies of the need to commence or continue measures to improve awareness and understanding of public sector accountability requirements. The Commissioner acknowledged that the majority of public sector employees observe the highest standards of conduct and behaviour in their daily work. However, the increasing complexity of public sector accountability requirements made it important to continue education and awareness initiatives.

The training materials for public sector employees focus on seven modules that mirror the seven categories of conduct in the Conduct Guide produced by the Office of the WA Public Sector Commissioner. In particular, agencies are encouraged to use relevant and real-life examples during training to illustrate the challenges faced by their employees. Pathways ETS makes extensive use of case studies in this workshop.


Current employment in the public sector workforce (full-time, part-time, or casual).