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Online Workshops

Pathways ETS has been delivering face-to-face workplace training workshops since 2003 to both government and non-government clients. The resulting interaction between trainer and clients has been invaluable. However, changed conditions in the world in early 2020 have necessitated a need to add the option of online delivery to our training offerings.

How our online training works

For each of our workshops, online clients will receive a copy of the Workshop Notes and a Checklist Booklet to assess mastery of the material. Throughout the Workshop Notes will be alerts directing you to Checklist Tasks, the answers to which can be entered into the Checklist Booklet. When all Checklist Tasks have been attempted, clients then check out of the workshop by emailing their completed Checklist Booklet back to us. Upon satisfactory completion of all the Checklist Tasks, a Certificate of Completion will be forwarded to clients. At any stage of the Workshop Notes, enrolled clients can contact us by email or phone to ask questions or raise issues related to the workshop content.

How to enrol

Click on the Workshops button at the top of the Home Page of this website. Select a workshop and have a look at the detailed content. If this is the training workshop you want, return to this page and find the workshop title in the list below. Fill out the Enrolment Form below with your details. Once we have received your enrolment form we will issue you with an invoice. Pay this invoice either by Direct Deposit to our account (see below) or through PayPal. Once we are notified that you have paid the appropriate fee, we will send you a link to the Workshop page which holds the Workshop Notes and the Checklist Booklet. Enter the password you have been given which will allow you to access a PDF of Workshop Notes. The MS Word version of the Checklist Booklet does not require a password. You will be able to enter your answers in this Checklist Booklet as you work through the activities in the Workshop Notes. Save a copy of both documents to your computer. You will then be able to complete the Checklist Booklet at your own pace.

Please note that the Checklist Booklet is in MS Word format and as you enter data, the original line and space settings will change. Don't worry - as long as your responses are readable, presentation is not so crucial.


How to study and complete

Read through and study the Workshop Notes for each part of the workshop. Complete any practice activities provided in the Workshop Notes. Then go to your Checklist Booklet and find the required activities for that particular part of the workshop and enter your reponses. Remember, you can email us anytime ( or phone us 9.00 am to 6.00 pm WST (61 (0) 411 844 420) for assistance or clarification of the tasks.

When you have attempted all of the required activities and recorded them in your Checklist Booklet, fill in the personal details sheet at the back of this Booklet. You’re now ready to scan the Booklet and send it to our email address, or, copy it as a PDF and attach it in an email to us, or, print it and post to our PO Box address.

Upon receipt and assessment of your Checklist Booklet, we will forward a Certificate of Completion or other written feedback to you.

Direct Deposit Details : Bankwest, Bull Creek, WA 6149. The BSB is 306-110 and the Account No. is 012433-0 in the above business name.


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