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Some things you should know before commencing and then managing a project

Workshop Content

 By the end of the workshop, participants should be aware of these steps to effective project management :

Prepare a Project Plan
Allocate clear lines of responsibility
Use written documentation to allocate and record resource allocation
Appoint a Co-ordinator for the overall project
Secure support from senior executives
Document every stage of the project
Conduct a risk assessment of the project
Review the project against performance criteria        
Explore the nature of risk
Understand the importance of a Risk Assessment Audit
Be aware of legislation relating to risk in workplaces
Identify risk
Use a Preliminary Assessment Checklist
Prioritise risk
Use a Risk Management Model
Use a Common Risk Management Process

Project management involves managing a specific task which has a beginning, a middle, and an end point.                      

A project has a defined, specific aim, defined objectives, and defined outcomes to be achieved. Projects can relate to buildings, staff recruitment and training, process or equipment upgrades, or the development of new initiatives or innovations.

An obvious question which should be asked by administrators and managers about every project they are involved in is “Why are we doing this ?”. Perhaps surprisingly many ‘exciting’ projects get under way without this question really being asked or answered.

Any project (but especially the more expensive ones !) should be preceded by valid research as to need, and by cost and feasibility studies. More importantly, the findings of these should determine whether the project proceeds or not. It may be that the main impetus comes from an influential individual or a government is determined to press ahead regardless of departmental advice.

This workshop aims to identify the key principles of project management and also to attempt to explain why some projects fail or overrun on time and/or budget.


No previous knowledge of project management is required for the workshop although some experience in the workforce (full-time, part-time, or casual) would be useful.

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