Pathways Education and Training Solutions
Pathways Education and Training Solutions
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Customer service skills training to keep your customers and clients coming back for more !

Workshop Content

By the end of the workshop, participants should be able to :

Identify their potential customers.
Know how to familiarise themselves with their products or services.
Create time and space for their customers/clients.
Present themselves and their place of business well.
Use appropriate listening and speech skills.
Avoid confrontation.
Effectively manage difficult customers.
Use appropriate body language.
Use customer-focused problem solving.
Select appropriate levels of service.
Achieve customer satisfaction.
Encourage repeat business.

Pathways Education and Training Solutions offers a practical skills workshop and an expose of  why your customers/clients feel like they do - and what you can do about it. Following good customer service practice, this workshop promises modestly but attempts to deliver much more !

This workshop is aimed at intending applicants for employment in customer and client service positions with public sector agencies and private sector retail, hospitality, and business services companies. The workshop would also be useful for employees already working in customer and client service roles but who would like to refresh their skills.

Participants will learn how to prepare for their customers and clients, how to attend to and service their requirements, and, how to follow-up after sales and generate repeat business.


No previous knowledge of customer service principles is required for the workshop although some experience in customer service (full-time, part-time, or casual) would be useful.


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