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Having the hard conversation - some things you should know about managing the performance of your organisation’s employees. 

In modern workplaces, there is perhaps no task in management that is so badly handled when it is tackled. More commonly though, it is avoided as much as possible.

Performance management may also be called ‘performance appraisal’ or ‘staff appraisal’ and refers to a key responsibility of middle management, namely, that employees carry out their duties efficiently, effectively, and completely.

Many middle managers who are line managers of a group of employees feel very uncomfortable with assessing the performance of these employees, especially when this involves criticism, adverse reports, or applying sanctions for poor performance (e.g. withholding wage or salary increments, or, moving employees to other jobs). Of course, the apprehension felt by employees is also intensified by this model.

So, how can this all be done better ? There are some tried and tested strategies which have been shown to produce much more positive working relationships between managers and employees. In this workshop, we explore these strategies and apply them in case study scenarios.

We also cover the management of poorly performing employees in this workshop. Despite displaying progressive and highly effective leadership skills, a middle manager may still find him/herself with the task of addressing sub-standard work performance by one of their employees. Managing Sub-Standard Performance or MSSP is an importantskill for people managers. Good documentation is the key – a trail of records and commentary about how the individual was managed.

Our “What a Performance !” workshop would be suitable for current middle managers and supervisors of staff and also employees who are acting in management roles or who aspire to do so.


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